Thursday, February 17, 2005

Is Nothing Sacred?

I never thought in a million years I'd have a reason to link to Jonah Goldberg, but there are some issues that transcend politics. Warner Bros. is making a stupid, new, futuristic Bugs Bunny.

Many's the Saturday morning, before our kids were born, when Jim and I would watch Bugs over coffee -- the mere mention that *The Rabbit of Seville* was playing was enough to get my late-sleeping husband to jump out of bed. I happen to think that *What's Opera, Doc?* aka *Kill the Wabbit* is the best cartoon ever made. We catch each others' eyes and break up laughing when we hear Wagner, because we are picturing Bugs Bunny in drag, on that goofy, fat, white horse, singing "Retoin my Love". We giggle every time Jacques Chiraq is mentioned on the news, because we are thinking of Blacque Jacques Shellaq, from the Bugs Bunny cartoons. This isn't childhood nostalgia -- they are messing with memories that are downright romantic!

I reported this outrage to Jim, who said he couldn't bear to look, and sadly commented on how some people will do anything for a buck.

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Anonymous said...

First dark accusations about Tinky Winky. Then SpongeBob Squarepants. Now tampering with the Rabbit! And now nasty books about Disney! Nope! Nothing is sacred anymore!