Monday, January 02, 2006

Karen Unmasked!

On a lighter note: Baha'i Angst, that master of Baha'i satire, takes a shot at recent speculations about by identity, by revealing who Karen Bacquet really is. And since the pronunciations of my name, both current and former, gave Angst such a hard time, I thought I'd respond in audio form.
One point I forgot to add in this little audio is that Baha'i Angst got his info from the genealogy page of my website. But it only goes to show that nobody would *invent* last names that are unspellable and unpronounceable, if only to avoid the lifetime hassle I have endured of continually correcting people.

Anyway, so here's my response.

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Baquia said...

Angst's revelation of your true identity has inspired me to reveal mine as well. If you go to my blogger profile, you will find a photo.

Please be advised that I'm not very photogenic and as such, young children, pregnant women and everyone with sensitive constitutions are to refrain from staring directly at my visage.