Friday, December 13, 2002

Well, I suppose the last thing I need is another cyberspace activity, but I'm a journal-keeper from way back, and looking over samples, I don't think I could do any worse than most folks publishing their thoughts in cyberspace. If it goes well, I can connect it to my website, where I'd have a ready-made audience. But while I've become well-known in Baha'i cyberspace, I'd actually like to do some writing that shows other aspects of my life and thought as well. Not that I expect it to be all that profound; I'm not even sure that it will be all that interesting. This will be rather casual, and spur-of-the moment, although since it's public it can't be *quite* as open as my journal-keeping once was. :-)

I first started keeping a journal when I was fourteen, when it actually was an English assignment. Kept those things for years, until I had kids, in fact, when I realized that there were some things in them that I really preferred that my kids didn't see. So I saved parts of those early things. Hard to think that my son is almost that age now. He's a writer, too -- not of journals, but of adventure and fantasy stories. When I started posting online, I didn't keep the journals up -- I was saying so much of what I wanted to say out here that it seemed redundant. And, for the first time, I began getting responses to what I was writing. It's been an interesting adventure, but things are changing. When I first came into Baha'i cyberspace, I was *bleeding* practically over my experience, and was standing up on a soapbox screaming about justice, and what has been done wrong in the Faith. At the same time, I was learning a tremendous amount, like a whole new world was opening up. But this last year, particularly, it's like things have gone downhill. Stuff that was once new and exciting is now same-old, same-old. And there have been fights and squabbles in the online community that has really sapped my enthusiasm for it all. It isn't so much that I've changed my mind about things; it's just that I've been there and done that. So, I'm starting this new project during a time of transition -- let's see where it takes me.

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