Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just when I thought things were getting dull

Nothing like watching a good smackdown in cyberspace, and Juan can really do it, when he wants to. Anyway, to get the gist of the story, start here and click around on the links. Basically, what happened is that blogger Jonah Goldberg attacked Juan, and Juan squashed him flat. And the poor idiot made things worse in his response. Nobody should ever respond to a thing like "If you're so hot on this war, why aren't *you* there?" A smart person would cut their losses, but Goldberg goes on with stuff about how he's got a little daughter, and a job, and a life -- like the soldiers who are fighting over there don't have those things!

Lots of folks going back and forth about how Juan likes to flash his credentials in an argument. Yeah, he likes to do that -- always did. But he *does* have them, and the vast majority of people who like to pontificate on various subjects don't. You can't justifiably complain about a person coming off like a "know-it-all", when they actually do know quite a bit. Yes, it's irritating to find out that there's someone out there who knows more than you do, especially if they disagree with you, but grown-ups learn to deal with it.

The actual issues tend to get lost in the shuffle during a cyber-storm like this, but every once in a while I enjoy getting myself a bag of popcorn and a ringside seat.

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