Saturday, January 01, 2005

Compassion Deficit

According to Bill Berkowitz, at Working for Change, the Christian Right websites are strangely silent about the tsunami disaster. He says:

These powerful and well-funded political Christian fundamentalist organizations appear to be suffering from a compassion deficit. Organizations which are amazingly quick to organize to fight against same-sex marriage, a woman's right to choose, and embryonic stem cell research are missing in action when it comes to responding to the disaster in southern Asia. None of their web sites are actively soliciting aid for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami.

I should emphasize, however, that evangelical churches -- in fact, all kinds of churches, have responded to the disaster much as just about everyone else has, with concern and calls for donations. A couple of years ago I got the notion it would be good to subscribe to religion newsletters -- and my email got passed around to several of these, but I get far more than I can read, and found it a real struggle to get my name off of them. However, it's clear from the subject lines that the disaster has caught their attention. But not much of a response from the Christian political groups, it looks like.

I have not yet heard of any response from the Baha'i administration yet. Please, somebody, tell me there is one.

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