Sunday, January 30, 2005

Mock UHJ Election Replaces Retirees With Women

Baha'i Angst, the only Baha'i satirist to be active in the last few years (yes, some of us remember Al Marbig's *Brave New World*, as the first satirical Baha'i site), after a long haitus has emerged once again -- and, among other things, held an election last week for the two recently-vacated positions on the House of Justice. The two top vote-getters, out of 17 candidates, were Starr Saffa and Susan Maneck, two very different ladies from the ideological point of view, but more to the point is that two women won. In typically Angst fashion, he then turns serious and writes an open letter to the UHJ, which I won't link to, because he insists that folks see the vote results first. He takes that august body to task for its exclusionary policy towards women and its general rigidity, then calls upon all of the incumbents to retire. Worth checking out for a laugh, or maybe a cry.

Yours truly came in fourth place, which I'd brag about, except that Elvis came in fifth. :-)

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Anonymous said...

A bit silly to try to make Tahirih into something she would not want to be - female cosmic christ? please..
for those who push the female UHJ thing - get over it - it will not happen - it is a direct order from Baha'u'llah Himself that the UHJ CANNOT CHALLENGE - even doing it for fun has some serious undertones - if you don't like it pray for guidance