Sunday, January 02, 2005

Still Waiting for Response from Haifa

This morning, on
Baha'i Beliefnet
somebody said they were "confident" that the Baha'i institutions were responding to the disaster in South Asia, and that they had a "good record" in this area. I'm not convinced of either one.

I received a press release from the Baha'i World News Service this morning, and the big story is about the golden anniversary of the Faith in Burundi; this is the first news that's come out since the tsunami. If the UHJ is doing anything, it sure is keeping it quiet. So far, I haven't even seen a statement of condolences or anything.


Marco Oliveira said...

I agree that a statement from the House of Justice concerning this disaster would be important.
But personal reflections from individual belivers are also important.
I think it is about time to setup an International Intervention Force to help victims of natural disasters everywhere on the planet. Such a force should be coordinated by the UN.

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marco. I am as heartened by the efforts of individual Baha'is as I am disappointed by the lack of response from the administration. The whole world is pulling together in an amazing way to help the victims of this tragedy -- and that's what is important, after all.