Monday, May 09, 2005

Threatened Boycott of Baha'i Speaker Ends Up Being No Big Deal

The St. Charles Mayor's Prayer Breakfast broke with tradition and invited Baha'i Billie Mayo as keynote speaker. Emcee Tom Hughes, and a handful of others didn't show up, but the 210 people that attended hardly noticed, so as a boycott it was pretty much a flop. It's always nice to hear a story that reminds us that the majority of people are not jerks.


Anonymous said...

Great article about the prayer breakfast and the "boycott" by some people who feel that prayer breakfasts should really just be "Christian prayer breakfasts."

By the way, the Baha'i speaker, Billie Mayo, is way cool and totally amazingly great.

Geez Karen, if you had lived in a community with people like Billie Mayo you might still be a card-carrying member of the organized religion. I am so thankful that I've grown up, even before the Internet, knowing there are Baha'is like Billie Mayo.

Karen said...

Dear Eric,

Yes, it looks like Billie Mayo did really well.

I'm very aware that there are many good and talented people in the Baha'i community. It really wasn't because of the people that I left anyway. I was frustrated enough with our local situation to become inactive towards the end, but I never would have resigned over it. What upset me enough to leave was the discovery of how the administration behaved during the *Dialogue* affair -- that was a faith-shaker, and it took several months for me to separate Baha'u'llah from their actions.

On the other hand, if my community had been more solid, I might not have left quite so quickly, no matter how upset I was about the administration.