Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I just went casually surfing around to see if Baha'is have really caught on to the whole weblog phenomenon. Not many specifically Baha'i blogs around, although there are quite a few by Baha'is who post on a variety of topics, and mention the Faith in passing -- a couple of these are by guys well-known in the Baha'i cyberspace community. Another thing I found was several mentions by ex-Baha'is, mostly kids who grew up Baha'i but no longer are involved in the Faith. The attitude among them mostly seems to be "It was a good way to grow up, but now that I'm an adult, I've found that it's not my thing." Only one of them mentioned any of the standard liberal issues as a factor in their leaving. Well, I hang with a whole different crowd. Somebody who has really moved on doesn't spend time on Baha'i forums -- even the most strident ex-Baha'i there still has an attachment of sorts, even if a negative one. You haven't really gotten over the Faith, if you are still denouncing it.

Of course, being an unenrolled Baha'i is an entirely different thing. We don't want to "get over it"; this is our Faith. However, I think it's healthy to eventually get over one's anger and figure out how to live a Baha'i life outside the mainstream.

Anyway, I might check out more stuff in the "blogosphere" to see what I can find out there.

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