Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I've just been doing lots of messing around today with the blog; I put the "Who links to me" link in. I don't, of course, have many who link to me -- I haven't written much here, and haven't promoted it much. I was surprised to have any at all, outside of my own home page.

I went looking to find out the history of this whole weblog business; it's older than I thought. Typically, it really took off with the creation of Blogspot, which makes it easy to do. I wouldn't even, to this day, have a website if a great deal of knowledge was required to do it. I still only know the most basic HTML.

It's actually a bit surprising that blogging hasn't become more common in the Baha'i cyber-communities. There are plenty of people who just like to post rants -- a phenomenon that is annoying on forums, but par-for-the-course on weblogs. But it just doesn't seem to have caught on. Well, maybe that means there's room for me to do something out here.

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