Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Political Blogger I like

Hey, that's tougher than you might think. I tend to like people who are not knee-jerk one side or the other all the time, who can see the shades of grey, and who don't spent their time name-calling. If I want to see people called ugly names I'll go read Usenet. The poster there, calling himself Publius, apparently grew up conservative, but later became more progressive, and he can speak both languages, as it were. I can relate to that.

I've been real careful so far, about what links I put on my weblog. When I got my main weblog, I rather enthusiastically put up everything I ran into -- a newbie's tendency made even worse by the fact I didn't have a computer at home and was sort of using my link pages as bookmarks. But with this site, I've been bookmarking blogs that interest me, and after going back to them a few times, dropping them if they don't seem to hold my interest consistently. (I find myself dropping more blogs because they simply aren't posted on much, rather than low quality.) And I was determined that only blogs who stayed on the list over a period of time would be linked here.

But where Publius is concerned, I found several articles that were worth reading, and was impressed enough to link -- and I think he's the first link I've got here where I don't know the blogger personally. So, check him out.

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Baquia said...

I guess I sould stay on my toes! :o)